Can Window Blinds Protect Your From UV Radiation?

July 19, 2022 0 Comments

Protecting your skin is vital, especially in high UV environments like the sun. The sun can cause some serious health problems, so it’s best to wear clothing that protects you and also apply sunscreen.

But do you think you’re protected from inside your home?

Although many think that staying indoors is the safest of all choices, this is not always the case. UVA radiation can filter through walls and doors, which means you’re still at risk despite your home or house being in cover. There are two types of UV radiation: UVA and short wavelength UVB. While both can affect your skin, only short wavelength UVB is responsible for sunburn.

Sun rays are increasing in number and strength and scientists have found that these rays can impair your skin, not to mention cause other health problems. You should wear protection and stay out of the sun if you’re looking to keep your skin healthy. Furniture, likewise, will fade in UV light, so give it some extra protection.

You know that ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause serious skin damage? That’s why you need blackout window blinds to protect your skin.

You can prevent light intrusion into your house by installing UV film or Low-E glass, installing blackout films in your windows, or adding the outdoor equivalents to your home.

The best way to protect yourself from UV rays that come in through windows is by installing UV blocking blinds from Freshview Blinds and shutters. Installing sun screens will block the sunlight and also keep out prying eyes. Quality blackout blinds can also be very stylish and keep out glare. If you want to save on energy costs then blackout curtains are a good option for you!

Window blinds can be a great way to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are lots of different options to choose from, such as blackout window blinds. They can provide ample protection for you and your family and make home decorating a breeze. With these options we have compiled, you should be able to easily find the ones that work for you!

Honeycomb Blinds

It doesn’t matter what the current weather is, whether it’s hot, cold or cloudy. UV protection is important any time of year. It’s a smart way to be prepared for any type of climate change. Attractive, functional and low-maintenance. Honeycomb blinds deliver the best of all worlds. They save time and money for homeowners-especially in the long run.

Honeycomb blinds from popular brands such as, help to control the level of light and heat entering your home, by blocking out up to 90%+ of UV rays. We offer a range of styles and colours for you to choose from including an option that can be operated top down or bottom up depending on what suits your needs best.

Looking for the best way to save energy costs? Add honeycomb blinds from our store and measure the energy usage!

Solar Shades 

Solar shades are a great way to address exposure to UV rays. With so many different fabric options, it’s crucial to consider whether the material is open or closed. This determines how much natural light you let into your home, with higher numbers meaning more sunlight.

A tight weave percentage will offer more UV protection with total privacy. A lighter weave will allow you to see through it, but they can still protect your eyes from the sun. Sometimes you might want to add a bit of privacy, so it might be worth looking into if you should purchase an extra layer of lining.

Protect yourself from UV rays while inside – just ensure your window treatments do the same!